I had no football experiences before so it is currently a exciting experience to learn football. But especially the team experiences are amazing. So yesterday on the first school day we had our first match and I had my first football game ever. At the end of the school year I will write a general report about my overall experiences with the team. My in outfit

At first we meet in our coaches room and spend some time together and got into the right mood. Already getting ready in the locker room was amazing. Everyone had fun. After the final meeting with the coach we went on the field. Oh man was that awesome. Everyone was yelling and the whole football field was like electrified. Even if I did not play I was part of the team and that was what counts. In the end we won 62 to 26. And I think that having a party in the locker room is not a common thing in Germany. But here everyone is just having fun. I think joining the football team my best decision in this adventure by now.