In August this year I attended an audition for a nutcracker production in Des Moines. The rehersals began in November and it was a cool experience to actuall practice with the boys in your same age and level. I did not have that in Germany. The whole production runs of multiple Ballett studios in the whole town, so I had to go to different studios for my two dances on Saturday and Sunday.

Dancer badge and nutcracker poster

The first run through was allready on wednesday in the civics center. Thursday follwed with final rehersal and final started the shows with the school shows. On saturday we had two and on sunday one performance. I definetly can say, that I could feel the previous days in my legs on sunday. The whole production was with the concept, that we were treated like professional dancers. That idea was really interresting, beginning from the makeup, to how the treat us behind the stage. Appropo stage: it was huge. The Des Moines Civic Center is a really big building and it was pretty cool to stand behind the stage there.

Overall I can say, that it was a really good oportunity for me to dance somewhere else and with a different style. Also did I really enjoy meeting the new people to dance with them in this terrific setting. I would reccomend everyone to simply go to such auditions and take part in a ballet production despite if you are from that studio or not.